An Awakening Queen Can't Be Locked In A Cubicle

Ditch The Never-Ending Rat Race & Find Your Soul Purpose (in 6 Easy Self-Inquiry Steps) Without Having To Go On A World-Wide "Eat-Pray-Love" Journey

(This will support you even if you worry about losing what you've built, feel exhausted and burned out, and don't know your innate gifts!)






Did you know that the #1 regret of the dying
❌ isn't getting it WRONG ❗️but never having the courage to live a life TRUE to THEMSELVES (and not what others expected of them)?

Queen, you're being called...

Most likely you're at a crossroad:

🙈 You know what I'm talking about – that inner voice that screams inside your head in those silent office hours working late, "WTF?! There must be more to life!"

🙈 You can keep pretending you don't feel that inner yearning for destiny.

🙈 You can keep acting tough, like you have your sh*t together, while your soul is crumbling under the weight of fake deadlines, impossible workloads, and unbearable responsibilities that you never asked for.

🙈 You can keep putting your head in the sand and tell yourself this inner call for more is just a fluke and will subside over time.

🙈 You can keep silencing this voice as well as the pain you feel with the coping mechanism or substance of your choice. (No judgment but please know that it's a sign.)

🙈 Yes, you can keep grinding away in a job that is slowly killing you mentally, emotionally, and physcially and chips away at your soul leaving you feeling more empty day after day.


👸 You admit to yourself that this dream of climbing the corporate ladder and being the accomplished businesswoman in a man suit is done and dusted. You're over it. Probably already for a long time.
👸 You're done hitting glass ceilings and being stuck in a man's world playing by boys clubs rules.

👸 You're ready to break free, own your power and show them the middle finger for ever trying to contain the divine gifts and potential that is burning within you.

Queen, the flame hasn't gone out, yet...

You have a choice to make

Let's play "Let's Make A Deal" (remember that TV Show?) I trade you...

Security Over Self-Expression

...which means you'll NEVER live a life true to yourself and end up like those poor souls who regret all the chances they didn't take in life. (Check the book "The top 5 regrets of the dying") This is where dreams go to die a slow, painful death. Your gifts will never be expressed and there is no bigger impact you'll leave behind.


Betting On Your Power Over The Fear Machinery

...which means you'll have the courage to take a risk and bet on yourself, your innate power, wisdom and divine guidance so you can elevate yourself from the masses, live an extraordinary life, and have a massively positive impact on the world. (because you were designed with gifts, superpowers and purpose and not to be locked in a cubicle)


If it's the latter...


The Answers Within

Find Your Soul Purpose & Ignite Your Hidden Superpowers

Inside this transformational book


You'll start to challenge their lies of limitation that have kept you stuck, unhappy, burned out, and spinning your wheels like a slave girl disconnected from ever living your true potential.

Reframe reality to make the impossible possible, the difficult easy, and move from dreaming into having by correcting your actions to the Inside-Out Approach I teach my clients.

Reconnect with your true self, its higher power, and use this inner sovereignty to fan the flames of a life that sets your soul on fire.

"This book is the best"


"This Book Just Pulls You In"


Amazon Bestseller

"I always look forward to my sessions with Sharon because I am guaranteed to have both spiritual and energetic revelations in her presence. Sharon is a truly gifted master coach who uses her unique spiritual gifts to tap into the core issue no matter what we are discussing. Her gentle, kind, loving insightful manner truly helps elevate me every time we speak. Sharon stands out in a sea of coaches and anyone that chooses her as their guide is truly in great hands. I highly recommend Sharon and you can rest assured that your investment is completely worth it."

Laura Madrigano

"I am where I am now – in my dream city, in a positive energy job, and financially solid to start my dream business – in LARGE part because of the work I did with Sharon. When I met her I had an incredibly tough time making decisions and doubted what my inner self was saying, which kept me stagnant. I didn’t trust anything I was getting from within myself. Working with Sharon pushed me to do, feel, and think about things in a ways I never had before, which has literally changed my life. Sharon, you helped me change my outlook from timid to confident, fearful to empowered, dark thoughts into light-filled life. I am forever grateful to you. You have no idea the impact you had on me."

Lindsay Lee-Williams

"Sharon's weekly teachings have blown my mind. The knowledge and insights she has on The Power of Attraction are incredible!"

Lynsey Cowan

"Sharon has a gift. She’s one of the most connected and intuitive humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a fine balance with understanding the types of practical problems a tech CEO would face in the real world. This makes her a great team mate for any CEO, solving big problems in the world that is looking for more guidance, and wants to take their energy and overall game to the next level."

Tom Lev

"Wow! I can't say hour discovery call turned out to be one of the best therapy sessions I ever had (I mean better than any psychotherapist). Sharon's sweet yet confident energy truly resonated with me and she got to the core of what has been a life long mindset block."

Mariela Amato

"Sharon has a wonderful and warm way of being present for her clients, guiding them easily back to themselves and toward The Power Within. Sharon's ability to encourage, as well as shine a light forward is remarkable as you experience it in all its quiet and resolute power. I would recommend Sharon's coaching to anyone who seeks greater clarity and greater truth in understanding and working with the unseen energy we possess and how to harness and direct that energy for our own and others' greatest good."

Ralph Adamo

"When I first started coaching with Sharon I had business goals that weren’t my own and I felt completely overwhelmed. We were able to dissect all foreign influences from my system and reset my mindset to reflect my true desires and goals. She supported me in all promised areas and guided me safely through my spiritual awakening. Now I feel free and excited that I’m finally following my own authentic goals and not what others expect of me. What I’ve learned about business gives me the confidence to present myself as the expert in my field. I now make important decisions with clarity and ease. I know that I can manifest anything I want. The universe has my back."

Fia Flow

"Sharon takes you from where you are – stuck – and gently helps you oil the wheels of creativity and perspective, using advanced healing methods to help release resistance and promote a knowing of ease. If you want to create flow and manifest outcomes that are currently out of your reach, Sharon is the right fit for you. She continuously holds the highest vision of whats possible for you and champions you onwards. I put whatever comes next firmly as being a result of our coaching. Best investment I made for my business and life."

Sheelagh Maria

"I knew I didn’t live the life I wanted for myself, but also wasn’t quite ready to take the leap and start my own business. I didn’t feel good enough, capable enough and I had big issues around money. Yet, within a couple of weeks I went from believing that I don’t deserve money, to fully clearing my debt. That I am free from all the worries within such a short period of time feels like magic to me! Sharon helped me identify and release my fears and limiting beliefs. The best gift I ever gave to myself, was hiring her as my Coach. Not only did I learn so much valuable content, but her spiritual gifts made our work less painful and I could realize what’s most important in all I do: to love."

Ivonne Rill

"I started working with Sharon because I needed to find the structure step by step that was needed to launch my new business. I feel that I’m building it on a solid foundation as a result of our work. The process and worksheets really helped me to be able to connect to the emotions, hopes and dreams of my target audience. Sharon guided me to realize my superpower and we determined the key pillars in my business. Following her manifesting process, I could prove to myself that thoughts followed by action really do create specific outcomes. I always felt that Sharon was 100% committed to seeing me progress and develop. Her gift is that she is in tune to my feelings and I felt tailored, her mentoring to me. It felt bespoke and not generic."

Heena Thaker

"Sharon is the real deal! Life and business seemed like a minefield that had me scared to take even the tiniest step in any direction. Past trauma had kept me in an emotionally frozen state for so long. It’s thanks to Sharon and her energy clearings that the real me has finally been set free. I found my why and my authentic business idea. I’m finally free of my fears and limiting beliefs that kept me from fully expressing myself and my creativity, from fully and joyfully living my life and from being successful in my career."

Ina E.

"Beautiful experience. I gained so much clarity in diverse areas of my life. The energy work added to our coaching session and Sharon’s guidance was always very on point. That’s something that kept me amazed after each of our coaching sessions. Even at times when I felt lost processing what was going on I always ended our calls with tremendous excitement and serenity. I tried various coaches before and by far my experience with Sharon surpassed any of them. After our sessions, I felt so much more in touch with myself, as well as with parts that I was pushing away. She knows how to help me move things forward with a beautiful feminine energy and made the whole process easy and flowing. It gave a real boost to multiple areas of my life, in my relationship, and my career. I feel like I really made a jump with her."

Anne Laborde
Creative Director

"I had tried different coaching, therapy and psychics in search for solutions for a long time, but the help didn’t shift my energy like the work with Sharon did. Her transformational coaching helped me remove the debris of the demolition of my life and reconnect me to my higher self and spiritual power quickly. In a short time, I felt empowered with a renewed sense of possibility and purpose. I hadn’t felt this energized and inspired in decades."

Cristiano Alves

"When I first reached out to Sharon I was afraid of not making enough money. Only 5 months later I have increased my income by 100%! Sharon has a powerful healing gift and her coaching advice is always on-point. She was able to see and heal my wounds and give me clear guidance on my next best steps in my personal and professional transformation. I tapped into a new level of confidence and self-worth which in turn up-leveled my whole life. She is awesome, cool, very intuitive and professional."

Ann Young

Here Are a Few Of The >>SECRETS<< That You'll Discover

Ready to add practical spiritual tools and universal principles to your life so you can drop the BS, the fakeness, and "shoulds" and empower yourself to embody your truth, your power, your soul purpose?

The Answers Within is a transformational how-to guide that gives you the knowledge, tools and motivation to break through old mindset patterns, activate a higher vibration, and manifest your soul-aligned life from inner sovereignty and grace.


Learn how you may have (unconsciously) been working towards goals that are "false targets" and how to discern what desires are aligned with your true self so that you can create happiness and fulfillment in your life which means you'll act from your own sovereignty and you won't feel like you wasted your life doing what others expected of you.


Learn the truth about how to break through old mindset patterns, access a higher vibration so that you can live a life designed and guided by your true self which means you'll no longer end up in self-sabotage, procrastination or confusion about your direction in life.

Life Purpose

I'll share the exclusive 6-step self-inquiry process that helps you discover your true purpose in life so that you can discover your strengths and the impact you are here to make which means you'll know exactly what innate gifts to monetize when exiting into a freedom and abundance lifestyle.


A powerful breakdown of the 10 inner-work tools that re-attune you to your inner guidance and intuition so that you feel like you have superpowers which means you'll always know your next aligned step and decision so that you can quantum leap into pure alignment.


Discover the #1 perspective shift about the meaning of life that will allow you to see your potential and what you can have in an empowering new light. This will change how much you allow yourself to have forever! ...and allows you to magnetize money as much and whenever you choose.

Ease vs. Force

I spill the beans on how to access the vibration, energy and frequency to collapse time so you don't have to wait to get what you want which means synchronicities, divine interventions and miracles can be an everyday thing. Dial up the magic! 

The Answers Within

#1 Amazon Bestseller in 3 Categories

Find Your Soul Purpose & Ignite Your Hidden Superpowers

  • Can I actually design a life that I love?
  • Is it possible to feel fulfilled in a career that fuels me with energy?
  • Can I earn abundant money with my gifts and talents as a business owner?
  • Is the law of attraction a myth or can I actually use it to manifest my desires, destiny and wealth?
Yes, I'm Ready To Find Out How!

About Me 

Quantum Success Coach & Bestselling Author

Hi, I'm Sharon Kirstin 

and I've been exactly where you are now. I know the feeling of being called to much more in life even though what I had seemed already pretty freaking awesome.

But between you and me – it just wasn't enough...

I was a career junkie once. I made the “corporate dream” helping build the most successful e-commerce company in Europe in a key position. It was a wild and fun ride with lots of growth. On the outside it all looked perfect, my parents were proud, it all seemed fine...if there hadn't been this INNER emptiness that made me long for more meaning, purpose, and connection with my true self.

I embarked on my "eat-pray-love" journey to do a Yoga Teacher Training in the Himalayan mountains. My intention was to reconnect with my soul.

In meditation, I had an out-of-body experience where I received crystal-clear divine guidance saying:

You created this life. You can recreate it.

Ever since I was young my interests were naturally in understanding the purpose of life and unlocking its magic.

Now, I help my clients hack their business and profits from the inside out: I combine mind reprogramming, energetic principles, and aligned strategy to facilitate rapid results within (how you feel about yourself) but also without (as results in your business)

I've refined my manifesting mojo and teach advanced practical and energetic tools to help my 100,000+ audience design a life that is aligned with their soul, purpose and gifts. 

I'm a Certified Master Business and Life Coach, NLP® Practitioner, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Angel Healer and Reiki® Holy Fire III Practitioner. 

My bestselling book, “The Answers Within,” helps me spread the message of how you can transform your life and business from the inside out. 

Through my search for meaning in life I've reached a certain level of energy mastery where I have created my own tools and practices of a high frequency that I love sharing in my digital courses. 

Now, I'm on a heart-centered mission to empower one million women to share their divine soul gifts in business. When we reconnect with our inner sovereignty and act from alignment we harness the magic of the universe. We can make a positive impact by using our financial empowerment to help others rise. 


100% More Income

She Gets To The Core Issue

Get Unstuck

Free Of All Debt

Quantum Shift


Next-Level Energy

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Are You Ready To Shift Into Soul Alignment?

I've seen it so many times...

...women KNOW they are no longer in alignment.


Something NEEDS to change...

in their jobs,
you name it.


But they WAIT.


Maybe because...

it's comfortable,
change is scary
or the known misery seems better than the unknown.


If you don't take a small step towards unleashing more of YOU now, you won't be happier, more fulfilled, or more free next week, next month, nor next year.


At some point in your life, you need to make a CHOICE.


Take a risk and break free.

Or stay in mediocrity regretting the risks you didn't take, wondering what could have been if you had been true to yourself.


Your inner knowing isn't wrong.


This inner urge, calling, knowing, is TRUE GUIDANCE for you.


We both know it.


The only time you have is now.
Make it count, lovely!


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