Awaken Your Spiritual Superpowers and Live Your Soul Purpose...

so you can share your gifts, earn soul-aligned money and fulfill your destiny.



How High-Vibe Women Follow Their Soul Call and Build Spiritual Businesses Using Their Higher Powers

(...and how you can too!)

This Deep Yearning For More In Life

...I know you've felt it before.

And maybe you're feeling it now.

Maybe you landed here because buying nice things is fun and enjoying a certain status feels really nice – but only ever for a while.

Maybe a soft voice inside you is whispering, "There is more to life. More to discover. More to be."

Something essential is missing right now.
Maybe you're even tired of chasing the wrong things and achievements because they keep letting you feel empty once you get them.

The fulfillment you anticipated just isn’t kicking in or fades fast, and you’re left feeling right where you started – with a deep yearning for fulfillment.

Why does nothing fill this yearning inside you?
Why aren’t you happy with a life that others are striving towards?
Why do you feel so different?

Truth is...

You’re awakening to your spiritual nature.

Your soul has started speaking with you, softly guiding you, and nudging you into alignment with your full potential.

Your Soul Message has started to sing inside your heart to remind you of your purpose here on earth.

How to Break Out of a Life That Feels "Meh" & Design A Lifestyle That Lights Up Your Soul

Inside this FREE book you'll learn how to challenge the lies you've been taught about life that have kept you stuck, unhappy, burning out – and open yourself up to meeting your soul self, its higher power, and how to use it to create your purposeful, fulfilling life.

The Answers Within

"Find Your Soul Purpose & Ignite Your Spiritual Superpowers"

Can I actually design a life that I love?

Is it possible to feel fulfilled in a career that gives me energy?

Can I earn money with my soul gifts and true talents?

Is the law of attraction a myth or can I actually use it to manifest my desires?



Inside this FREE BOOK: Here Are a Few Of The >>SECRETS<< That You'll Discover

Looking to add more soul in the form of grounded spirituality into your life that allows you to be more empowered in your day-to-day, instead of less (aka. "spiritual by-passing")? Read this book to discover your true purpose so that you can offer services based on your soul gifts and design a lifestyle that's fulfilling, abundant, and makes a difference.

The Answers Within is a how-to guide that gives you the knowledge, tools and motivation to break through old mindset patterns, access a higher energy, and shed the layers to live a life designed and guided by your soul.


Learn how you may have (unconsciously) been working towards goals that are "false targets" and how to discern what desires are aligned with your true self so that they will actually make you happy and fulfilled, while serving a higher purpose.


The truth about how to break through old mindset patterns, access a higher energy, and shed the layers to live a life designed and guided by your soul self.

Soul Purpose

The exclusive 6-step self-inquiry process that helps you to discover your true purpose in life from within yourself. (The only real place to look.)


The 10 inner-work tools that re-attune you to your spiritual power and make you feel like you have superpowers as you're manifesting an aligned new life


The #1 perspective shift on the meaning of life that will allow you to see your potential and what you can have in an empowering new light. (This may change how much you allow yourself to have forever!)

Ease vs. Force

An exploration of how you can manifest what you desire through a combination of accessing a frequency and energy of having and your inner guidance system (intuition) to take aligned action

What Readers Are Saying

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Praise for Sharon

"I started working with Sharon because I needed to find the structure step by step that was needed to launch my new business. I feel that I’m building it on a solid foundation as a result of our work. The process and worksheets really helped me to be able to connect to the emotions, hopes and dreams of my target audience. Sharon guided me to realize my superpower and we determined the key pillars in my business. Following her manifesting process, I could prove to myself that thoughts followed by action really do create specific outcomes. I always felt that Sharon was 100% committed to seeing me progress and develop. Her gift is that she is in tune to my feelings and I felt tailored, her mentoring to me. It felt bespoke and not generic."

Heena Thaker

"Sharon takes you from where you are – stuck – and gently helps you oil the wheels of creativity and perspective, using advanced healing methods to help release resistance and promote a knowing of ease. If you want to create flow and manifest outcomes that are currently out of your reach, Sharon is the right fit for you. She continuously holds the highest vision of whats possible for you and champions you onwards. I put whatever comes next firmly as being a result of our coaching. Best investment I made for my business and life."

Sheelagh Maria

"I knew I didn’t live the life I wanted for myself, but also wasn’t quite ready to take the leap and start my own business. I didn’t feel good enough, capable enough and I had big issues around money. Yet, within a couple of weeks I went from believing that I don’t deserve money, to fully clearing my debt. That I am free from all the worries within such a short period of time feels like magic to me! Sharon helped me identify and release my fears and limiting beliefs. The best gift I ever gave to myself, was hiring her as my Coach. Not only did I learn so much valuable content, but her spiritual gifts made our work less painful and I could realize what’s most important in all I do: to love."

Ivonne Rill

"Sharon is the real deal! Life and business seemed like a minefield that had me scared to take even the tiniest step in any direction. Past trauma had kept me in an emotionally frozen state for so long. It’s thanks to Sharon and her energy clearings that the real me has finally been set free. I found my why and my authentic business idea. I’m finally free of my fears and limiting beliefs that kept me from fully expressing myself and my creativity, from fully and joyfully living my life and from being successful in my career."

Ina E.

"I have been working with Sharon Kirstin for several years now and will continue to use her as my coach anytime I need a high level breakthrough. I always look forward to our sessions together because I am guaranteed to have both spiritual and energetic revelations in her presence. Sharon is a truly gifted master coach who uses her unique spiritual gifts to tap into the core issue no matter what we are discussing. Her gentle, kind, loving insightful manner truly helps elevate me every time we speak. Sharon stands out in a sea of coaches and anyone that chooses her as their guide is truly in great hands. I highly recommend Sharon and you can rest assured that your investment is completely worth it."

Laura Madrigano

"Beautiful experience. I gained so much clarity in diverse areas of my life. The energy work added to our coaching session and Sharon’s guidance was always very on point. That’s something that kept me amazed after each of our coaching sessions. Even at times when I felt lost processing what was going on I always ended our calls with tremendous excitement and serenity. I tried various coaches before and by far my experience with Sharon surpassed any of them. After our sessions, I felt so much more in touch with myself, as well as with parts that I was pushing away. She knows how to help me move things forward with a beautiful feminine energy and made the whole process easy and flowing. It gave a real boost to multiple areas of my life, in my relationship, and my career. I feel like I really made a jump with her."

Anne Laborde
Creative Director

"I had tried different coaching, therapy and psychics in search for solutions for a long time, but the help didn’t shift my energy like the work with Sharon did. Her transformational coaching helped me remove the debris of the demolition of my life and reconnect me to my higher self and spiritual power quickly. In a short time, I felt empowered with a renewed sense of possibility and purpose. I hadn’t felt this energized and inspired in decades."

Cristiano Alves

"When I first reached out to Sharon I was afraid of not making enough money. Only 5 months later I have increased my income by 100%! Sharon has a powerful healing gift and her coaching advice is always on-point. She was able to see and heal my wounds and give me clear guidance on my next best steps in my personal and professional transformation. I tapped into a new level of confidence and self-worth which in turn up-leveled my whole life. She is awesome, cool, very intuitive and professional."

Ann Young

"When I first started coaching with Sharon I had business goals that weren’t my own and I felt completely overwhelmed. We were able to dissect all foreign influences from my system and reset my mindset to reflect my true desires and goals. She supported me in all promised areas and guided me safely through my spiritual awakening. Now I feel free and excited that I’m finally following my own authentic goals and not what others expect of me. What I’ve learned about business gives me the confidence to present myself as the expert in my field. I now make important decisions with clarity and ease. I know that I can manifest anything I want. The universe has my back."

Fia Flow

Time is of the Essence: 

My intention is to give this book to 5000 soul seekers.

So as soon as I reach my soulful goal, I reserve the right to take this FREE offer down.

If you're seeing this right now you can still get a FREE copy of my bestselling book.



About the Author: Sharon Kirstin 

Sharon is the bestselling author of "The Answers Within”, Creator, and Soul Messenger.
She's on a mission to help highly-sensitive, heart-centered women create purposeful businesses that fuel them with energy, passion, and a lifestyle that sets their soul on fire.

She does this by teaching her innovative expertise on how you can transform your life and business from within.

Her unique work skillfully blends utilizing the universal laws, manifesting, energy alchemy and practical business strategies into a method that aligns, empowers, enlightens and unlocks the (lost) feminine magic of ease, magnetism, and grace. 

She is a certified master coach, NLP, Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing® practitioner.

But...she was a career junkie once...

Sharon has a background in tech startups and business. She has held the key role for onsite innovations for the most successful e-commerce startup in Europe ranking #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club.”

Despite her success, the corporate hustle left her feeling unfulfilled, while her inner calling to awaken others to their full potential got louder. In search for answers, she experienced an out-of-body awakening in meditation in the Himalayas where she received the message, “You created this life. You can create differently.”

Her work as led her all over the world inspiring people to master their minds and energy contributing to a rise of consciousness on the planet.

Through her work as an influential expert in the field of mindset, manifestation, and purpose, she has impacted the lives of thousands of people via one-on-one coaching and online courses such as Design Your Life, Self-Love Alchemy, and The Manifestation Map.

Her success has led to several interviews on German television (Astro TV) as well as articles published in acclaimed international media such as Forbes, the Huffington Post and prominent online magazines like The Daily Guru, Her Story Matters, and Sivana East.

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