Feel Like You're Made For More?

Is this is it? Is this is all to there is to life?
Maybe you've achieved a lot, but still feel empty.
Or you're going through a major life change.

Either way, you realize it's time to step
into your true power and make this life count...

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Find Your True Soul's Purpose & Design a Lifestyle that Sets Your Soul on Fire

What You'll Learn in this FREE Training

6-Step Purpose Framework

Guides you to identify your soul's true calling so you can find true fulfillment and happiness


3 Radical Mindset Hacks

Evaporate procrastination and doubt so you take confident action toward your dream life


Metaphysical "Fear Erasers"

Empower you to believe in your talents and full potential so you show up unapologetically in your truth


Master Your Energy

You are a cosmic powerhouse that can create from thought form to physical reality. Learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest your new lifestyle!


Transformational Tales

Get inspired by the deep transformations your fellow cocreators have gone through and find the courage to take massive action.


Power of Surrender

You can't force the universe to give you what you want. After all it may not be right for you (although your ego really wants it). Learn how to stay open for something even better.


Attune to Your Soul Essence

When you shed the layers of beliefs, negativity and conditioning you fully align with your soul. Create flow in your life, get clear guidance and set soulful goals.


Tools, Tips & Inspiration

...to ditch the 9 to 5, say bye-bye to burn-out and create a freedom lifestyle that sets your soul on fire


You Are Made For More. Live it!

4 FREE Videos to Help You Access Your Power & Purpose


"Sharon is a gifted and generous spirit who will help you connect to your inner truth and give you the confidence to achieve your dreams. Working with her soulful guidance helped unearth many of the blocks that were standing in the way and brought clarity to my purpose."

Angela Peterson-Winter
Voice Teacher & Singer

"I recommend you try her work! The great thing is that she helps you understand your present situation including the spiritual aspects and translates that into practice, making it real."

Elianne Oei
Tipping Point Consultant

"Sharon’s kind, soothing, loving, psychic and psychological energy helped me bring to light the truths I was ignoring and the lies I was hiding from myself. My pain was transformed and opened doors to an empowered new life where I’m purposefully and passionately using my strengths."

Cristiano Alves
Strategic Intervention Coach

"Sharon guided me to realize my superpower and we determined the key pillars in my business. Following her manifesting process, I could prove to myself that thoughts followed by action really do create specific outcomes."

Heena Thaker
Founder Bee in Company

"Sharon takes you from where you are stuck – and gently helps you oil the wheels of creativity and perspective, using advanced healing methods to help release resistance and promote a knowing of ease. If you want to create flow and manifest outcomes that are currently out of your reach, Sharon is the right fit for you."

Sheelagh Maria
The Clairvoyant Coach

Sharon Kirstin

- Bestselling Author, Success Coach, Energy Consultant

I help my clients find their purpose based on their soul’s authentic blueprint and master their energy to act as powerful creators by making new empowered choices.

But I was a career junkie once…I’ve built and lead the Web & Mobile User Experience department for one of the world’s most successful startups ranking #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club” 2014.

After my spiritual awakening far up in the Himalayan mountains I couldn’t go back to “normal.” In an out-of-body experience I received visions and the empowering message: “You created this life. You can create differently.”

Now, I teach my clients how to master their energy and life through your soul's blueprint, the art of manifesting, energy clearing, mindset work and reprogramming yourself to live your authentic and full expression.

To your GRAND life,



Find Your Soul's True Purpose & Ignite Your Intuitive Powers


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