>> Every Manifestation Begins As Thought <<


Thought transforms into vibration.
Vibration is energized by your frequency.
 Your vibration and frequency determine the result and speed of your manifestation.

The fastest way to master manifesting and
receive whatever you desire is to give your mind a makeover:
think differently
speak differently
feel differently

Because you don't attract what you WANT,
you attract what you ARE.

Maybe you...

  • have read, watched, and listened to everything under the sun about manifesting but still can’t make it work for you
  • have been wanting (for a while now) to ascend to your next level in business/career but you self-sabotage, procrastinate, and find excuses
  • find yourself in the same repetitive patterns of relationships, business, and health and are simply done (mic drop, done)
  • can’t remember the last time you felt like YOU, and maybe you never have, but feel the call to be your true self now
  • want to break out of the matrix and lead life on your terms no matter what happens in the world
  • have felt trapped within your own reactiveness in life (bad habits, emotional triggers, or something else that makes you go on involuntary autopilot) and want to finally feel free 
  • know deep within that there is more in you that wants to be lived, expressed, shared and you just can't find the courage, direction, or first steps
  • are done living by a to-do list and pressing yourself into the masculine structured way of pushing, and instead want to flow with what you are called to and let this come to fruition effortlessly
Maybe it feels as if your soul is calling you into high gear while a part of you is standing on the brakes.
Maybe you... 
  • have started questioning yourself and your ability. 
  • have started doubting that your dreams are meant for you.
  • are tired of figuring this manifesting and becoming your best self thing out.
But a part of you just simply won’t let you.
The part that calls you forth into a reality in which you are ALL of you.
Where you live from flow.
Where your inner voice guides you to magical results.
Where you express yourself fully in business and life.
Where your true self is magnetic.
Where money is a result of your authentic expression.
Where you live your passion and purpose.
Every. Single. Freaking. Day.


Even though it's been a while now, I've been there. 
I wanted to throw in the towel more than once, believe me.
But something kept me going. 
This thirst for universal knowledge, healing, true inner strength and the ability to create my wildest dreams…
...I knew it was available for me.
I know what it's like to seek happiness, power and fulfillment outside of myself.
I helped build the most successful e-commerce company in Europe in a key role.

For a while, I made this job my whole world and my identity. 
Until I felt a calling within to "be more, do more, and have more" – I desired to help others live a more fulfilled life.


In an out-of-body experience in the Himalayas I heard...


"You created this life and



As a sensitive person it's SO easy to get entangled in the vibes of others.
And let's face it, 2020, has been a bit of a collectively crazy vibe.
It took many years of healing, meditating, personal development, studying, and application to really GET what creation is all about.


How your emotions, inner guidance, and mind interconnect.


That positive thinking is not the cure all for manifesting your desires.


And that there are stronger unconscious forces at play that can be shifted to unlock your desires if you know how.


It's okay to have a moment of doubt, of wanting to give up, or even dropping this inner search for your potential completely.
But I couldn't, and so I kept choosing to...



I use my mindset and manifesting tools to create the reality I choose now. I chose what all this craziness in the world means to me (an opportunity to thrive) and I want to pass this vibe on to you.



I've studied the Universal Laws and Quantum Success.
I've manifested countless things from:
an Amazon bestselling book
a Forbes and TV feature

six-figure amounts of money
5-figure raffle wins
a romantic relationship
a new home country
soulmate clients
multiple income streams

and soulful friends.
For instance...
This is me winning the grand prize at a raffle. It's worth 30k AUD.

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I have been relentless in learning about quantum physics, energy healing, and manifesting. Every day, every month, every year I have been diving deeper into the 



with an intention to share what I've learned with others like you.
To make it simple.
Make it applicable.
Make it easy.



The moment has come for conscious humans to evolve to a higher vibration and frequency. If you feel called to EMBODY your highest powers and full potential then there has never been a better time than now.
Amidst the chaos there is HUGE potential for CONSCIOUSNESS, 



Now, is the time to claim your dreams, desires, and expansion.


Now, is the time to say "yes" to this inner calling and use this time to thrive. 


Now, is the time to do things differently than you've always done them.


Now, is the time where the world is CHANGING forever.


Now, you either take action and step up, or you'll watch others thrive beat yourself up about not believing in yourself.
There are only two choices:
Step down.
Step up.
Which one will you choose?
Do you want to...
  • pin-point and eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back 
  • increase your flow of income while chilling out more
  • show up authentically and be your true self in life and business
  • increase your level of self-awareness and consciousness
  • heighten your intuition and be guided by the magic within 
  • manifest anything you want (money, resources, you name it)
  • align to your highest path and live your purpose
  • feel more vibrant in your life
  • be in your own sovereignty no matter what happens around you or in the world
  • set better boundaries to honor yourself, stop the energy drainage from people-pleasing
  • be more present in your relationships or change them for the better
  • release trauma and heal on a deeper level than you have until now


By the way, these are all ACTUAL RESULTS members have reported back to me or shared in their testimonials!


  • know how to get anything you want in life?
  • have an unshakable mindset programmed to success?
  • break through manifesting blocks you've had thus far?
  • reprogram your mind to flow, success, happiness and wealth?
  • quit the chase and hustle and learn the practical and energetic steps (with specific tools) on how to ATTRACT what you want?
  • get initiated into the INSIDE-OUT approach to life where your frequency counts more than your actions?
  • crack the code to the secrets of the universe so that you consciously create your life instead of reacting to what life throws at you?
  • have a group around you that holds a high vibration for you to rise above your current circumstances, and everyday environment?
  • be part of an energetic container filled with expansion, infinite potential, positivity and love?


You know, these introductions often sound as if someone else is talking? Well, I wrote this page for you so I won't pretend talking about myself in 3rd person. haha

As a kid my family said I have the “midas touch." Whatever raffle I entered, chances were I'd win first prize. 
Cute fact: My grandma still asks me for lottery numbers because at least she wins something when I choose.

My passion for manifesting was sparked early on by winning huge stuffed animals that wouldn't fit in our car and TVs (it was black and white picture but hey, I wasn't picky).

Nowadays my interests lie more in automated income channels, helping others thrive, and being a damn good role model to inspire you to have whatever you desire.
I'd say I refined my manifesting mojo into an art. I love teaching from basic to advanced practical and energetic tools to help my 100,000+ audience design a life that is aligned with their true selves. 
I'm a Certified Master Coach, NLP Practitioner and trained in various energy healing modalities. My bestselling book, “The Answers Within,” helps me spread the message of how you can...
Through my search for meaning in life I have reached a certain level of energy mastery. This has allowed me to create my own tools and practices of a high frequency that I love sharing in my digital courses, meditations, and Mastermind membership. 

I made the “corporate dream": I helped build the most successful e-commerce company in Europe in a key position. 

But after a while I felt unfulfilled by a life society had imprinted on me to want. You know this "you need to be successful in a corporate job and THEN you'll be happy" kind of vibe?
I had to reconnect with my soul. So I embarked on my "eat, pray, love" journey that would change the way I saw life forever.
In an out-of-body while experience meditating in the Himalayan mountains I received the message,
Now, creation or manifesting is what I'm obsessed with. I'm on a heart-centered mission to help one million humans create their most aligned and fulfilling lives. 
My teachings focus on remembering your true self, gaining inner mastery and working the universal laws to manifest your wildest dreams.

Want to join me?


** **

These are the manifesting principles I need you to understand so that you can raise your frequency and have a solid framework in order to operate at the highest levels of creation.


Value $250

This module teaches you the 4 powerful concepts you need to engrain in your psyche in order to thrive in any area life at any point in time. It outlines the basic elements and workings of the universe. It explains why you might have felt burned out, stressed, and low vibe. How to get your energy and passion back. 


Value $250

Understand how you create your reality. Learn about how you activate the Law of Attraction. Dive into the secret knowledge about your powers that's been hidden from you for centuries. Understand the manifesting process and the key aspect that we focus on in order to call in our desires.


Value $250

Each week we will now focus on truly understanding each manifesting step. The magic of making it work for you is in the nuances and subtleties. In this module we'll get really clear on how you ask. The 3 types of how you can ask for what you desire. We'll talk about burning desire. How to know a true desire from a false desire. How to access the vibration of your desires. Your emotional set point. And what to do if you don't know what you want.


Value $250

When you're in an allowing state and a high vibration you truly access a state of flow in your life and it feels as if the right resources, people, and experiences are simply lining up for you. It's almost like having the Midas touch. But how do you hold a high vibration? I'll be sharing my best (very) practical tips and tools in the areas like physiology, mindset, emotions so that you are well-prepped to expand your life to unprecedented levels.

BONUS: Tapping process to releasing emotion from the body and return to harmony


Value $250

So many people intuitively use manifesting tools but can't really break them down. There is one ingredient that is absolutely crucial to determine whether you'll receive your manifestations or not. What is your sweet spot for picking a manifesting goal? How can you let go of doubt?   


Value $250

Learn how to shift your limiting beliefs, create new core beliefs and raise your standards. Define and declutter what no longer serves you to reaching your next level. Learn how to forgive yourself and others. Raise your self-worth and call in what you've always been destined for.

Value $250

I'll give practical and energetic tools to shift and realign your energy. These are practical processes that you can use at any point in time to release what's in the way of your true expression and manifestation.


Value $250

How do you magnetize what you desire to you? What tools can you use on a daily basis to become irresistible to your desires? How do you focus and energize your energy to attract what you desire. How can you be and stay a vibrational match? What you want wants you. This is where I give you my best dream building tools for rapid success. 


Value $250

One of the biggest game changers for me when manifesting has been to surrender to a higher power.What can you do when it looks as if it's not coming. How to keep faith? Most manifestations "fail" because you can't hold the vibration of "havingness." So, how can you ALLOW it in? Force equals resistance. Resistance won't allow you to RECEIVE openly, fully, graciously. I'll share with you when it's time to take action and when it's time to chill the f*%k out.

BONUS: Still-Point Meditation to get into the space of all potential and deep allowing. 


Value $250

This is where we talk about effortlessness, resting in "havingness" and the energetic stance of your next level. Until now you've learned the basics. This is where I share how easy manifesting becomes with practice. Next level energetic tools and practices. Up-leveling your standards.

BONUS: Quantum Leaping Encoding Process to collapse time and space so that you can reach bigger goals faster. What the f*%?! I know.


Value $250

I'll walk you through the manifesting process looking at money specifically so you know how to apply the steps to bringing in your money goals. Radically different mindset and core beliefs rom the "hustle mentality" that will help you attract money with ease.

BONUS: A crazy good guided meditation where you meet the energy of money. Core healing has happened in this energetic process for members. It's deep.


Value $250

You don't get in life what you desire. You get what you're available for. This realization changed, well, everything for me. This is a workshop style segment where we bring clarity to your needs and values to manifest your desires. And we'll be clear in what boundaries you'll need to put into place to create the space for your dreams to thrive. You'll have some deep revelations on why your desires haven't manifested yet, and how you've been blocking them. 


Value $250

This is THE module for you if you've asked yourself..."Why am I stuck on this particular goal and it's just not coming together?" "Why do I destroy my ability to show up, to have energy, to think positively, to get out of bed in the morning, (or whatever it may be for you that hinders you to do the damn thing)?" "Why do I procrastinate although I desire this so much and I can feel it calling me?" I got you. 

BONUS: Inner child healing energetic process of the core wound of "not enough" / "too much". Get ready to release some deep-rooted pain and self-doubt to make room for more magic now.


Value $250

What you desire is a potential in the infinite field of possibility. What will come to pass is what you decide to have, focus on, take action on. This is an energetic stance and makes all the difference in how you show up daily to take the soul-led actions.


Environment is key in your life.
You become (financially, mentally, and physically) the average of the 5 people you spent most time with.

Through the principle of assimilation I know I elevate when I put myself in connection with mentors who vibrate at a higher level of certainty, abundance, and insight.

This is your chance.
Let me lift you up.



Each module ranges between 1-2 hours. On top, I have included the support calls and Q&A recordings from the live trainings I offered in the last 3 months. They have amazing insight in them as well. I did not include the processes in the content, so the 30 hours are all me teaching you content.


You know I believe all your answers are within you already. That's why I love having you journal and find what is truly going on at the core, what are the lies and BS (belief systems) that are keeping you stuck, and what is your ultimate truth. It's all within you and the best work I can give you is to help find your way back to your TRUE self. I have high-vibe, deep-dive journaling prompts to help you do that.


I have created a very clear transformational container for the humans who sign up for this Mind Makeover. Part of this intention is to expand your consciousness, creator power, reframe reality, invite prosperity and elevate your intuition for magical synchronicities. From this place of alignment, you'll know ANYTHING is possible.

From 10 Down To 4 On The Trauma Scale

Michelle's Shift in Consciousness

...and she won a couple of thousand dollars on a slot machine in Las Vegas!


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Mind Makeover is delivered entirely online.

It consists of 13 training modules, outline tools, processes and meditations, as well as pre-recorded support calls.

Every 2 days a new module is released in your member area.

You have access to this digital course for life.

Check your email upon enrolling for guidance!
For any questions email [email protected]

Total Value of Bonuses:

  • Vibrational Alignment Meditation Album (value $50)
    5 powerful meditation tracks with binaural beats and energetic layering that support you in manifesting your path 
    • I Am Light (Vibrational Lift)
    • I Am Enough (Confidence Boost)
    • I Manifest (Removing Obstacles)
    • I Surrender (Let Go of False Attachments)
    • I am Power (Alignment Activation)
  • The Miracle Soul Morning Method (value $220)
    My tried, tested, and proven 5-step morning routine recorded as audios to magnetize miracles each day. Start your day on a high note and use these tools to manifest your desires each day.
  • The Miracle Soul Evening Series (value $220)
    Each day we entangle our energies with others. It is important - especially when feeling empathic and not knowing what to do with the energies - to clear your energy system, reset your vibe, and connect to your higher guidance daily. This audio-set will make it easy for you as you're being guided. 





13 Content Modules (value $250 per module)

30+ Hours of Structured Content on Mastering Your Life Using Quantum Principles

The Lab: 9 Guided Processes to Reprogram Beliefs in Your Unconscious Mind

4 Guided Energetically Encoded Quantum Manifesting Processes with brainwave entrainment

Guided Inner Work: Journaling Prompts in Each Module to Find Your Answers Within

Instant Access to Digital Bonuses (value $600)

Total Value: over $4500


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13 Content Modules (value $250 per module)

30+ Hours of Structured Content on Mastering Your Life Using Quantum Principles

The Lab: 9 Guided Processes to Reprogram Beliefs in Your Unconscious Mind

4 Guided Energetically Encoded Quantum Manifesting Processes with brainwave entrainment

Guided Inner Work: Journaling Prompts in Each Module to find your own answers

One Private Mentoring Session with Sharon (value $600)

One follow-up question via FB messenger for guidance after the session

Instant Access to Digital Bonuses (value $600)


Total Value: over $5100


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  1. How do I get access to the training? You'll be directed to your membership account after signing up. You can get started with the bonuses and module 1 right away!
  2. How long do I have access? You have lifetime access to Mind Makeover and the bonuses. You'll have access to the Stripped Membership until you cancel the subscription in your member area.
  3. Can I choose to add the Stripped Membership on or not?
    Yes, after you choose your investment level on the next page you'll be able to choose if you'd like to participate for a month for free or not.
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    Once you add the trial, you can then cancel your subscription at any time in your member area. 
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    5. Follow the steps outlined there
  5. When will I see results?
    As you may understand I can't promise you any results. That would lack any integrity from my side. While many of my clients already feel positive shifts in their lives simply by committing and signing up (yes, this energy of commitment and intention is powerful!) any results depend on YOU, whether you are willing to change your ways, participate, keep an open mind, do the work.
  6. How do I get the training on my phone? The member's area is mobile optimized so you can access from anywhere and listen to the videos at any time of your day - even your commute!
  7. What can I expect from Mind Makeover?
    A structured training on manifesting that outlines how energy and vibration truly work so you can attract what you desire. Self-expansion in a container of consciousness and love. You will learn how to get anything you want in life based on metaphysical and energetic principles. My intention is to shift your whole outlook on life and reframe the world to return back to truth and limitless potential.
  8. What's the refund policy? I have never had someone want a refund for any of my courses, so I don't think you will want one. But I understand how the option to have one makes signing up a little easier that is why I created the weekly payment option for maximum flexibility. You can cancel your subscription any time you like either weekly or monthly depending on which option you chose upon purchase.

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