Download 3 x 15 minute guided visualizations with binaural beats for wealth, health and love. Become a magnet for your desires and life purpose by activating your "live as if" vibration.



Your Powerful Tool to Manifest Your Money, Love or Health Goals

Release & Refocus

Cut through worry energy, lack mentality and self-doubt and 


Brainwave Entrainment

Relax into a restorative meditative state with theta brainwave music


Creative Visualization

Condition your subconscious by accessing your desire's "live as if" vibration



Use the meditations forever with any future goal. The sky is the limit!


"Sharon guided me to realize my superpower and we determined the key pillars in my business. Following her manifesting process, I could prove to myself that thoughts followed by action really do create specific outcomes."

Heena Thaker
Founder Bee in Company

"I attracted greater opportunities in my musical career and left relationships that no longer served me. I up-leveled my life in all areas! I also love her guided meditations and use them often for more creativity, healing and angel guidance."

Prita Grealy
Singer & Songwrite "Hip-Soul-Folk"

"I recommend you try her work! Her manifesting tips make a big impact. The great thing is that she helps you understand your present situation including the spiritual aspects and translates that into practice, making it real. "

Elianne Oei
Tipping Point Consultant

"Sharon is a gifted and generous spirit who will help you connect to your inner truth and give you the confidence to achieve your dreams. Working with her soulful guidance helped unearth many of the blocks that were standing in the way and brought clarity to my purpose."

Angela Peterson-Winter
Voice Teacher & Singer

"Sharon’s kind, soothing, loving, psychic and psychological energy helped me bring to light the truths I was ignoring and the lies I was hiding from myself. My pain was transformed and opened doors to an empowered new life where I’m purposefully and passionately using my strengths."

Cristiano Alves
Strategic Intervention Coach

"I now make important decisions with clarity and ease. I know that I can manifest anything I want. The universe has my back."

Fia Flow

Hi, I'm Sharon Kirstin

- Bestselling Author, Speaker, Creator

I help ambitious, soulful women reconnect with their soul blueprint and master their energy and divine gifts so they can break free from the stereotypical life and make confident choices that manifest a radiant life of purpose, freedom, and abundance.

But I was a career junkie once…I’ve built and lead the Onsite Innovations department for one of the world’s most successful startups ranking #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club” 2014.

After my spiritual awakening far up in the Himalayan mountains I couldn’t go back to “normal.” In an out-of-body experience I received visions and the empowering message: “You created this life. You can redesign it!”

And redesign I did! I realigned with my soul gifts and now teach all the tools that women with an awakening consciousness need to live their true purpose:

  • Finding your soul purpose to experience meaning, impact and fulfillment
  • Mastering the universal laws to attract your desires with ease and flow
  • Igniting your intuitive superpowers to make confident choices
  • Tuning your energy to adjust your vibration to magic and miracles
  • Mindset work to let go of worry and self-doubt and reach your highest potential

...so that you're equipped to live your most epic life on your own terms.



Download 3 x 15 minute guided visualizations for wealth, health and love. Attract your dream lifestyle with the help of your "live as if" vibration.


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