• you're made for more in life – to be more, do more and have more but how the heck do you get to the level of freedom, purpose and income you desire?!

  • you're stuck in your own inner limitations and more often than you like you let self-sabotage take the reins and succumb to helplessness?
  • you're locked into a lifestyle that society told you to live but you're freaking unhappy and your soul loses its sparkle more and more each day?

  • you're cut off from your true soulful expression while you feel this deep DEEP yearning to rise into your true self?

  • every day you're not "figuring yourself out" you're wasting precious time that you could've spent thriving and building a life you love?


  • is done playing by the rules and is ready to break out of the illusion we live in to make her own rules
  • is excited to move from fear to love, from lack to prosperity, from conditioned world-view to miracle-minded and – Take. The. F. Back. Her. Power.
  • knows true power is a balance of masculine and feminine, and desires to access the feminine magnetism to consciously manifest her desires and destiny like a boss
  • is done being ruled by her inner demons and is ready to face off with the darkness to finally invite in the light, ease, grace and flow

  • so done being stifled by self-doubt and a nagging ever-present feeling of not being good enough
  • is called to follow her purpose and share her true gifts with the world
  • is obsessed with miracles, magic and manifesting and knows these spiritual powers  come from reframing her reality to see things, herself and life differently
  • desires to live from her true self and use its higher power and wisdom for inner guidance and strength



Let me walk you through the 6 common lies you've bought into growing up that keep you from accessing your true self, spiritual superpowers, inner magnetism and guidance. Let your mind be stretched beyond what you (might) know to be true and allow new awareness and consciousness to shift your vibe forever. (once you shift to a higher plane of awareness you can never go back)


I'll solve the mystery for you why smart women aren't taking the decisive, confident action that they could be taking. I'll tell you the 2 main reasons for being stuck and 4 keys on how you can align yourself with your soulful truth so you take action from this place of inner alignment, peace, and power.


Join me in a guided meditation to connect with your true self, radically shift your vibe to reflect your worth and access your true spiritual nature to act like a powerful manifestor.


  • PURPOSE, BABY! – Feel a renewed excitement for what's possible for you in your life 
  • CLARITY – Understand what "invisible force" has kept you stuck and blocked from bringing to life the conscious creations in life and business that fulfill your destiny
  • MINDSET – an understanding of how beliefs are formed in your unconscious mind and how limiting beliefs can make or break your efforts
  • SOUL – Reframe reality as you know it and gain "right" vision in order to access your true self and its power to create miracles
  • CONFIDENCE – Shift your vibe and access your true worth and you'll know you simply can't "eff" it up and you are perfect the way you are
  • ALIGNMENT – Learn how you can ditch the rules and get answers from your inner authority
  • VIBES, ALL THE VIBES – this audio holds a vibration that can open your mind beyond what has been possible for you until now. Shift your vibe within, and your outside world changes.



I'm the author of the bestselling book The Answers Within - Find Your Soul Purpose & Ignite Your Hidden Superpowers, Conscious Business Coach, host of the Inner Sovereignty Podcast, NLP Practitioner and Energy Healer. My story has been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, HerStory Matters and TV.

I sold all my belongings a few years ago and decided to travel the world. I've been to 23 countries to date and currently call Australia my home.

I keep manifesting awesome things like 40k raffle wins, book features, free stuff, soul mate dogs and people, using my tried and tested magnetizing process for conscious creators.

Quantum physics says everything is energy and that's why "Master Your Energy, Master Your Life" has been a guiding principle in my life. 

It's simply EVERYTHING.

Just a few years ago I wasn't so aware nor aligned with my inner truth in my life as I am now though.

I had even lost my first prize raffle win mojo that I was famous for as a kid.

You could say, life was good. But something was missing.

I was working for a hip fashion e-commerce company in Berlin that had massive brand awareness due to their viral tv commercials. 

I had helped build this company, the most successful e-commerce company in Europe, from 80 employees to over 5000 employees in a key role for years. I felt accomplished and successful with my six-figure income and the fancy job title. 

Until a voice within me spoke up, "Is THIS it?! Is work, rest, and achieving more for others really all there is to life?"

I was pulled by a deep desire to reconnect with my soul, find my life purpose, decipher the mysteries of the universe, and break out of a one-size fits all lifestyle of hustle.

Have you ever realized that when you make a choice to expand, forces in the universe come to your support and guide you to the right people, right places, and right experiences at the right time?

Well, my soul answered and guided me to a Yoga Teacher Training in the Himalayas.

This is where in one morning meditation my perspective on life shifted forever...

I was being pulled out of my body.

It was as if someone had pressed a MUTE button. All sounds – the birds, the leafs in the wind, the river in the valley below – all gone. 

I started receiving visions of people all around the world living unique lives, their unique expressions of self based on their desires and beliefs. And then I heard it...

"You created this life. And you can create differently," echoed through my mind as if someone was standing next to me speaking these words directly into my ear.

This out-of-body experience felt like an awakening. It changed my life forever.

I dedicated myself to following MY INNER TRUTH no matter what society tells me to be, do or have.

Yes, I helped build someone else's company. Then why not my own?

I renounced being a slave girl.

I quit making other people's company dreams come true. I was so done working hard to prove my worth to others and get a pay raise if I was deemed good enough, played by the rules and basically had no life of my own.

I knew what I desired...

1) I desired FINANCIAL LEVERAGE: I didn't want to be limited by a monthly paycheck and instead DECIDE how much money I make through my own gifts and expertise.

2) I desired FREEDOM: There are two kinds of freedom – money and time – and we need both in order to self-actualize and express our true gifts and self fully.

3) I desired PURPOSE: I had this deep yearning for destiny in my heart that I couldn't shake. I felt an innate sense of being made for more and that this soul call of mine had to be answered. 

I knew I had to have faith in my own ability to figure things out if I wanted to make this life count.

And frankly, I didn't have that yet.

So I embarked on an inner (and outer) journey to 

  • train my faith muscles to hold and step into a vision that wasn't yet my reality
  • develop my psychic gifts to hear the inner guidance from my true self crystal clear and follow (sometimes against all logic) it to manifest outcomes
  • understand energy (all the vibes) and how to command it at will to bend the universe to magnetize my desires
  • decipher the universal laws and how to use them in conscious creation
  • understand what the purpose of this life is and how to cultivate fulfillment, joy, contribution and freedom (time and money)
  • share my gifts in the form of an online business and contribute to the lives of others with the heartfelt intention to create an increase of life in all interactions with me

What I've found is that everything we desire on the outside, and why we don't have it yet, ties back to one state of consciousness – AWARENESS. 

Awareness of our true self, desires, beliefs, limitations, reactions, how we interact with the universal field and how we can CONSCIOUSLY create from a state of self-awareness is the 1st key to becoming a conscious creator.

Now it's my joy and honor to initiate you in all the learnings I have gained over many years of my journey towards self-actualization.


  • You found this page because you hear the call within to self-actualize, to find more in life. You're on a path to realizing your spiritual nature and coming home to your true self beyond all the self-imposed and external limitations.
  • You have forces within you that let you consciously create your reality. You have superpowers. You've just forgotten how to use them. (that's why I'm here to help)
  • You have crazy glorious gifts inside that can help elevate the globe with the intensity of your light if you choose to be seen and heard with your soul message. 
  • The universe is abundant. If you're not as prosperous then you're likely blocking the flow and need to learn again how to receive fully and use our inner magnetism to call in resources.
  • The internet has changed the world and how we make money, share our gifts, and interact with the world. Your  time is now.
  • The desires in your heart are placed within you for a reason: whatever you desire is a MESSAGE FROM YOUR SOUL that it is meant for you and you can have it.



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  2. Is it really for free? Yup, my treat!
  3. How long is the audio? It is 90 minutes of channeled gold where I riff on the perspective shifts, spiritual solutions and practical steps to live a life that is true to you as a conscious creator that knows ANYTHING is possible (if we choose it).
  4. How do I get the file on my phone? If you have an iPhone you upload the file through your iTunes library. That's about all I can help you with (not my forte) but I'm sure "Mr. Google" can offer techy help. :)

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